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For a better "study life balance"

As part of its health management, the University of Erfurt is offering its students a workshop on 20 May entitled: "Studying with a child: study life balance". It starts at 12 noon, in the teaching building 1, room 324, and ends at around 2 pm.

How do other mothers and fathers manage the balancing act between family and studies? How satisfied am I with the different areas of my life? What challenges, demands and goals do I have? And how can I recharge my battery? The short workshop with parent coach Nils Seiler offers impulses, opportunities for exchange and helpful methods of self-management. Students with children or family responsibilities as well as parents-to-be are welcome to attend this offer from the Equal Opportunities Office and Health Management.

Registration in the Moodle room is possible under Kurse/Weiterbildungsangebote/Universitäre Gesundheitsförderung (registration key: Studieren mit Kind). You will also find further information there.