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Freiwilligkeit und Ehrenamt. Zur Vor Geschichte des bürgerschaftlichen Engagements

18. Apr 2023, 6.00 pm
Erfurt, Kleine Synagoge, Gebetssaal
Tuesday Talks
Centre for Transcultural Studies / Gotha Perthes Collection in cooperation with the Research Group "Voluntariness"
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Lecture in german by Thomas Lindenberger (Dresden) on the topic "Voluntarism and Volunteerism. On the prehistory of civic engagement" as part of the series "Tuesday Talks" of the Centre for Transcultural Studies / Gotha Perthes Collection. The event takes place in cooperation with the research group "Voluntariness".

Under the title "Tuesday Talks" there will again be lectures with subsequent discussion on Tuesdays in the summer semester 2023, starting April 18.

The series was created in cooperation with the Erfurt Professorship for the History of Science, the Göttingen Chair of Modern and Contemporary History, the research initiative "Wissensdinge," the Thuringian State Agency for Civic Education, and the Gotha Collection and Research Network / Gotha Transdigital 2027. Guests can look forward to exciting topics that address the diverse areas of interest and research of the College.


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About the lecture

Across projects, the DFG research group on Voluntariness deals with the central question: How did ideas and practices of voluntariness change in modernity and late modernity?

In his lecture on the concept of voluntarism and volunteering, Thomas Lindenberger will go back to the 19th century and set it in relation to a concept of voluntarism of the late 20th century that was more influenced by civil society. In doing so, he incorporates contemporary reflections on voluntarism as a form of governance as well as the applied engagement research that emerged from it.

Thomas Lindenberger is Professor at the TU Dresden and Director of the Hannah Arendt Institute for Research on Totalitarianism. From his diverse work, his groundbreaking work on the history of everyday life, the history of communism and post-communist transformation, the history of memory and experience, the history of public order and the police, as well as the concept of the "sense of self" are particularly noteworthy for our research on volunteering. Interested parties are cordially invited to attend the lecture evening in the prayer hall of the Small Synagogue Erfurt!