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"Froebel - The Nature of the Child": Symposium of the International Froebel Society at the University of Erfurt

The University of Erfurt will host the symposium "Froebel - The Nature of the Child", to which the International Froebel Society Germany invites to the Thuringian capital on September 15 and 16, 2023.

Registration is now possible. For more details, please see the attached flyer (in German only).


Friday, September 15, 2023
possibility of a guided tour or social dinner (information will follow after registration for the symposium).

Saturday, September 16, 2023

  • 8.30 arrival, registration
  • 9.00 a.m. greeting; welcome and opening of the conference by the chairwoman of IFSD e.V., Professor Andrea Schmid
  • 9.30 a.m. lecture - Professor Michael Winkler: The Nature of the Child - Fröbel's Image of the Child from Today's Perspective
  • 10.45 a.m. lecture - Dr Oktay Bilgi: Childhood as Desire for Aliveness - Froebel's Contribution to Social-Ecological Transformation
  • 12.00 lunch
  • workshop phases from 1-2.15 p.m. and 2.45-4 p.m.
    • workshop 1: Ricarda Metz-Neubacher - "The dance of the cubes "From the whole to the parts, from the parts back to the whole".
    • workshop 2: Anke Hoyer and Jaqueline Scholz - "From practice for practice - examples of Fröbel pedagogy in everyday kindergarten life"
    • workshop 3: Susan Breitung - "Making music with the whole body"
    • workshop 4: Dr Eitel Samland - "Theory and practice of learning and play support according to Fröbel".
  • 4.15 p.m. joint closing
  • 4.30 p.m. end of the conference


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