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Further digitisation of contracts for work and services

In the course of ongoing digitisation, the Department 2: Human Resources plans to switch its current "hybrid" procedure for applying for and approving contracts for work, services and fees completely to electronic application by e-mail.

The head of the department has now informed the public about this in a circular letter. Even though the application cannot yet be system-supported, this system has proven very successful in the past months, the letter states.

For more details, please refer to the signature regulations (current version attached, see No. 2.5 + Notes on the "Electronic Signature Procedure", p. 14 f.).

Not included are all contracts which, according to the signature regulations, are to be signed by the Head of Administration or the President (in particular Fellow contracts). These contracts should please continue to be submitted by internal post. In addition, the entire billing process via Department 3: Financial Services is excluded from this.

In future, please submit applications exclusively by e-mail to personal@uni-erfurt.de or vergabestelle@uni-erfurt.de. The e-mail should contain the following 2 files:

  • the application signed by all persons to be involved before D2 or D5 (please have all persons involved working in one document and, if possible, use the "fill in and sign" function in Adobe Acrobat)
  •  the pre-filled contract as a pdf file (please use the original file format, not a scan).

The approved applications will be sent back to the applicants by email from D2 or D5. The contracts can then be signed. Finally, the accounts are settled via D3.

If you have any questions, please contact the responsible colleagues in D2 or D5.