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"… Humanities - Annual Conference of the Society for the History of Science, Medicine and Technology"

21. Sep 2022, 9.00 am - 23. Sep 2022, 4.00 pm
Universität Erfurt: KIZ HS 2, AMG 0012, AMG/0007
Gesellschaft für die Geschichte der Wissenschaften, der Medizin und der Technik 2022
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The annual meeting 2022 will be organised by the Professorship for the History of Science at the University of Erfurt.

Under the title "...Humanities", the annual conference of the Gesellschaft für Geschichte der Wissenschaften, der Medizin und der Technik (GWMT) 2022 is primarily dedicated to the history of the humanities. This is intended both to do justice to what is still a relatively young field of research in the history of science, but above all to make the self-reflection of the history of science, medicine and technology as humanities the subject. The fact that it is by no means self-evident that the representatives of these directions see themselves as humanities scholars, but rather as science researchers, cultural scientists or social scientists, already points to the fundamental problem itself.

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