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Information from Department 1 : Registrars' Office for students

Following the special session of the Senate last Friday, Department 1: Registrars' Office once again informed students in a circular letter.

The extended senate of the University of Erfurt had deliberated in an extraordinary session on presence teaching in the winter semester 2020/21 at the University of Erfurt under the current corona conditions in the city of Erfurt and at the University of Erfurt and, in view of the high and increasing dynamics of infection with the corona virus, had agreed to the principle of "as much presence teaching as necessary" for the winter semester that had begun, with the aim of converting teaching operations to online formats to a large extent (see news 6.11.2020).

Department 1 explains this:
For you as a student this means: If you are interested in courses offered in class this semester, please keep track of whether the respective lecturers have switched to online offerings. You will be informed about this either via the course catalogue in E.L.V.I.S. or via the respective Moodle room of the course or via e-mail to your university e-mail address. Please also keep up to date with the information provided by the University of Erfurt on how to deal with the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and especially with the information for students!

Further information is provided in the letter on the following questions on dealing with corona disease:
Until further notice the following applies: Students of the University of Erfurt who are themselves ill (with unspecific general symptoms or respiratory problems) should please see a doctor immediately and only then contact the University of Erfurt, Department 1: Studies and Teaching or by e-mail SuL@uni-erfurt.de.

Even if you

  • had contact with a corona sufferer,
  • are staying abroad, but are unable to return to Germany due to safety orders issued by the safety authorities in the sense of the quarantine measure
  • are either in officially ordered or self-selected quarantine,

please contact Department 1: Studies and Teaching by phone or e-mail SuL@uni-erfurt.de. Together with you, your colleagues will then discuss the further procedure, in particular how you can approach your studies in times of quarantine.

Silent workstations on campus / Internet connection via Eduroam
For students who have poor internet access in their study accommodation or who cannot work there in peace and quiet, the following options are available via Eduroam for silent work:

  • all day 70 places in newly furnished rooms (see pocket map)
  • a total of up to 900 places in the teaching rooms which are not used for classroom events within a slot (see pocket map)
  • up to 30 silent workplaces in the atrium of the cafeteria, Mon-Fri: 8-10 a.m. and additionally Mon-Thu: 16-20 p.m.

For all silent workplaces, it applies that they may only be used if you have previously registered in the attendance list for the workplace or the respective teaching room. Please always use a headset or headphones at the nursing workplaces. Do not change the arrangement of the tables and chairs and adhere to the specified Corona hygiene rules! On weekends too, up to 30 silent workplaces will initially be accessible via the entrance at the security guard in the Audimax building (AMG). To do this, you must register with the security guard at the main entrance.

Telephone office hours of Department 1: Registrars' Office
In order to be able to maintain counselling services during Corona times as long as possible, Department 1: Registrars' Office has changed the office hours from attendance to telephone consultation time, thereby including Friday: Mon to Fri from 9 to 11.30 am.
If your request cannot be answered in a few sentences by telephone, we will clarify the matter as quickly as possible and a colleague will call you back as soon as possible. Please understand that we cannot process all requests at the same time. We would also ask you to address your request to us only once and we will forward it to the relevant colleague. If you send us your request by e-mail (sul@uni-erfurt.de), please do not just state WHAT you would like to receive. Please always state WHY you would like us to contact you and do not forget to include your telephone number and your matriculation number.

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