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Information on the preparation of digitally supported teaching in the hybrid winter semester

The hybrid winter semester 2020/21 has begun. The Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Gerd Mannhaupt, today issued a circular letter to the teaching staff concerning the preparation and implementation of digitally supported teaching:

  • WISEflow can also be used for the exams this semester, as the validity of our Corona Statutes is linked to the regulations on abrogation in the Thuringian Act on the Implementation of Necessary Measures in Connection with the Corona Pandemic (Thür-CorPanG). The current date of 31.3.2021 is specified there.
  • Please set the general first access key for the Moodle rooms in the winter semester 2020 as follows: UEdigitalWiSe2020

We will also inform the students of this key during the introductory week of studies. If you already know the participants of your courses in the winter semester, you can of course use specific access keys.

  • You will find the Moodle room with constantly updated articles and information on digital teaching under the new name "Uni Erfurt Digital Lehren" and the short name: "UEDL". Lecturers who do not yet have access can enter the Moodle room with the access key "ueDigital".

In this room, the Task Force Digital Teaching has provided comprehensive articles, information, links and tips on numerous topics of digitally supported teaching:  Introduction to digital teaching, online lecture recorded, online seminar interactive, Moodle as a central room for online teaching, Moodle, tools, WISEflow, BigBlueButton, Adobe Connect, Webex, Opencast, OBS Studio, exams in distance learning, copyright and data protection law, student feedback, further links.

In addition, a forum is provided for specific requests, tips and discussions. As you can see, it is worthwhile to "drop by" from time to time.

  • On October 3rd, UNIwise, the operator of WISEflow, has updated WISEflow in autumn. This update also includes some hints that we have forwarded to UNIwise from your side. Of course you will find the latest information in the Moodle room "Uni Erfurt Digital Lehren".
  • If students ask you how to access information on digital studying at the University of Erfurt, please refer them to the Moodle room: "Uni Erfurt Digital Studieren". The access key is: "OnlineStudieren".

On behalf of the Department 1: Registrars' Office, I would also like to provide you with the following information:

  • The examination regulations for the new Master's programmes will be updated by Thursday in the STET week at the latest. Then the courses assigned to their degree programmes will be available to the students of these programmes in the course catalogue.
  •  Department 1 endeavours to complete and publish the room allocation no later than by the beginning of the STET week.

I wish you a successful start to the next new form of studying at the University of Erfurt: the hybrid winter semester 2020/21. As soon as we have more information, I will send it to you immediately.