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Information for students on the start of digital teaching

At the start of teaching in the digital summer semester 2020, the Registrar's Office at the University of Erfurt informed students about the study planning in a circular letter. The letter in the wording...

Dear students,
shortly before the start of teaching in the digital summer semester 2020 I would like to provide you with important information from Department 1: Registrar's Office for your (study) planning.

Information from the University of Erfurt on Handling the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2
Until further notice, the following regulations also apply to students of the University of Erfurt. Students who: 

- return from a risk area according to the RKI

- had contact with a sick person or a returnee;

- who are staying abroad, but who are unable to return to Germany due to safety regulations in the sense of the quarantine measure;  

- are themselves ill (with unspecific general symptoms or respiratory problems);

- are in quarantine;

please report immediately by telephone or e-mail to Registrar's Office: studierendenangelegenheiten@uni-erfurt.de. Together with you, the colleagues will then discuss the further procedure. This includes advice on leave of absence, reregistration, parttime studies, long term study fees, etc. You are and will be informed about the possibilities of online study in the summer semester 2020 by the academic department.

For questions and problems of international students, the International Office can be reached by e-mail at international@uni-erfurt.de.

Students with families can also contact the Equal Opportunities Officer, e-mail: katharina.reinholdt@uni-erfurt.de, if they have concerns or problems.

Students who have questions regarding their stay in one of the halls of residence of the Studierendenwerk or regarding financial or BAföG matters, please contact the Studierendenwerk Thüringen directly.

The Health Department of the city of Erfurt has named the Medical Care Center Dr. Kielstein as the central information point for returnees from risk areas - with and without symptoms. There you can make a smear test after registration by phone: 0361/6010930. The results will be available within 48 hours. You can reach the Kassenärztlicher Notdienst outside the office hours of the (family doctor) practices by phone: 0361/116117.

Please keep up to date with the regulations of the University of Erfurt regarding the handling of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2: https://www.uni-erfurt.de/corona-info.

MEd and B Graduation Evaluations of WS 2019/20
The study evaluations in the Master of Education courses were carried out before the shutdown in March. If you have not yet received any graduation documents or a notice of assessment by mail, there are still missing certificates (qT as well as MP) from the winter semester 2019/20. Please follow the receipt of grades in E.L.V.I.S. As soon as the last outstanding grade is entered there, please inform us by e-mail to pruefungsangelenheiten@uni-erfurt.de.

The study evaluations in the Bachelor's programme were carried out last week. Graduation documents and assessment notices will be mailed on May, 4. and should reach you by May, 7. If you do not receive any mail, this is usually due to the fact that there are still outstanding credits (qT as MP) from the winter semester 2019/20. Please follow the further receipt of grades in E.L.V.I.S. As soon as the last outstanding grade is entered there, please inform us by e-mail to pruefungsangelenheiten@uni-erfurt.de.

Semester Calendar
Please note the updated semester calendars for the summer semester 2020 and the winter semester 2020/21: https://sulwww.uni-erfurt.de/Kalender.aspx . In the presentation of the summer semester 2020 we have not deleted the first three weeks of lectures. They are considered to be cancelled for all participants.  It is to be expected that the dates in the summer semester 2021 and possibly also those of winter semester 2021/22 may change slightly.

Course Catalogue
The University of Erfurt starts on May, 4, with an online offer for all courses listed in the course catalogue. See the letter sent to you by e-mail from the Vice-President for Academic Affairs for the "Digital Summer Semester 2020 of the University of Erfurt: II" dated April, 29. Courses which cannot be offered digitally should already be deleted from the course catalogue. It is to be expected that one or the other course will follow here, so the course catalogue is provisional until the start of Belegung (Registrations for the examinations).

If possible, use the online offers without visiting the campus. Until further notice, no classroom events will take place on campus. The University of Erfurt makes every effort to offer the digital services as asynchronously as possible. As a rule, you should be able to access the course content and tasks as they fit into your schedule. If digital presence times are nevertheless required for a course, e.g. if a lecturer considers a web meeting with all participants necessary, then this meeting should take place at the time stated in the course catalogue. In this time slot, which is determined by the faculty, the exams will be written at the end of the lecture period, unless a separate exam date is noted. For this reason it is strongly recommended not to take two courses on the same time slot.   

Belegung (Registrations for the examinations)
The „Belegung“ procedure takes place in week 21 and 22 (May, 18 until May, 31 2020). We will inform you in a separate e-mail about how to transmit your assignments to Registrar's Office.

Use of WLAN on Campus
If you only have limited or no WLAN access at your place of residence (home or semester address), we offer limited WLAN access on campus in selected course rooms. Under COVID conditions, a maximum of 6 to 7 persons may stay for study purposes in a classroom of usually 30 seats. The use is subject to the posted conditions. If these are not adhered to, the university will make use of its householder's rights. In particular, each person has to register at the beginning and at the end of the use in a displayed list. Further details can be found in the posted notices. Please use headphones.

You can recognize the rooms in which WLAN access is available by the open doors. In the coming week only the classrooms in the teaching building I on the ground floor will be accessible. Depending on demand, the teaching rooms on the ground floor of teaching building II may be opened at short notice.

PLEASE NOTE: Only students with no or limited WLAN access should use this offer.

a) The PC workstations in the library and the pool rooms of the University Computer and Media Center are locked.
b) In the buildings on campus, mouth and nose covers are to be worn to a large extent. See the instructions at:

Protection concept of the University of Erfurt during the Corona (SARS-CoV-2) pandemic

Leave of Absence during the Semester and Withdrawal from Examinations
The digital summer semester 2020 will be a great challenge for all participants (students, teachers and other staff). Everybody will try to arrange the semester in such a way (to study/teach) that the progress of teaching/studying can be guaranteed. However, should it become apparent during the semester that what you have set out to do cannot be implemented, e.g. due to the supervision or care of close relatives, the Department 1: Registrar's Office in particular will be at your disposal in addition to the academic staff to advise you. Together with you, the university will sound out all options and possibilities (leave of absence, part-time studies, withdrawal from the examination for a reason for which you are not responsible, etc.). Please take advantage of our advisory services.

With kind regards,
Bernhard Becher
(Department 1: Registrar's Office)