Erfurt School of Education, Faculty of Education, Lernwerkstatt

"Keiner kommt von einer Reise so zurück, wie er weggefahren ist" (Graham Greene)

14. Jun 2023, 4.00 pm - 6.00 pm
Lernwerkstatt (Audimaxgebäude)
Bildung durch Demokratie
Dr. Brunhild Landwehr
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Educational experiences of a study trip to India. Interactive lecture by Dr. Brunhild Landwehr as part of the series "Bildung durch Demokratie" (Education through Democracy).

For three weeks, student teachers traveled to India/Tamil Nadu. They not only learned about the diverse culture in India, but also about education in schools and universities. They visited schools for children with impairments and taught themselves in Government Schools and Private Schools. This spring, the exchange with students from primary schools and Mother Theresa University focused on global warming. Together, they worked on possible solutions, which were then depicted in statues based on the work of Augusto Boal. But also discussions about politics, everyday life and Hinduism; Women Empowerment; Family Plannings Centers and nutritional issues were part of the study trip. The interactive lecture offered in the Lernwerkstatt now provides insights into this journey and also highlights experiences and insights for the later teaching profession. These insights result on the one hand from almost 30 years of experience with these study trips and were also expressed by the participants themselves in a (non-representative) survey.


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