30. Nov 2021, 4.00 pm - 5.00 pm | Erfurt School of Education, Faculty of Education, Lernwerkstatt

Scribbling Course "Creative Break"

Lernwerkstatt (Audimaxgebäude)
Susan Müller (Student)
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Workshop with Susan Müller (Student of the University of Erfurt).

"Drawing? I can't do that! Anyone who has ever thought or uttered this sentence understands drawing to mean the ability to reproduce one's surroundings as naturalistically as possible on paper. No wonder that some people have despaired of this in the past and now prefer to keep their hands off pencils, fineliners and the like. But drawing can do so much more - it can lead us to new ideas, help us relax during a creative break and, above all, be really fun. This insight is the focus of this course: By means of entertaining creative techniques, we would like to open up a relaxed approach to drawing for the participants. No previous experience necessary!