6. Jul 2021, 6.00 pm - 8.00 pm | University, Studies

Lecture Series "'Stadtnatur' als Medium des Sozialen: Von Haussmanns Paris bis zur 'Smart City'."

Lecture series "Gärten: Geschichte, Gestalt, Zukunft"
Cooperation of the University of Erfurt and the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt
Susanne Frank (Dortmund)
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Lecture by Susanne Frank (Dortmund) as part of the Lecture Series"Gärten: Geschichte, Gestalt, Zukunft" during summer semester 2021. The event will be streamed via Youtube.

"More green in the city! - This demand, which is currently being heard very loudly again, is as old as modern urban planning itself. Using selected examples, I would like to show that the creation of green spaces is always accompanied by ideas of a "better" society; "urban green" and "urban blue" can therefore be understood as "media of the social". This also and especially applies to the "programmed" city of tomorrow. 

You can find the stream on our Youtube channel Uni Erfurt Live.

In the summer semester of 2021, the University of Erfurt and the University of Applied Sciences will once again jointly organise a public lecture series – due to Corona as an online event. This time the topic will be "Gärten: Geschichte, Gestalt, Zukunft" and is deliberately planned as a kind of supporting event for the BUGA 2021 in Erfurt.


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