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Master's programme „Economics, Law and Social Sciences“ successfully accredited

The University of Erfurt has revised its Master's programme „Economics, Law and Social Sciences“ and has now successfully re-accredited it. Prospective students can still apply until August, 20, to begin their studies in the winter semester 2020/21.

The Master's programme comprises the three disciplines of law, social sciences (political science, sociology) and economics and offers the opportunity to view and work on social problems from the perspective of different subjects. The aim is to enable students to carry out an independent, interdisciplinary and reflective analysis of the political, social and market-economic order of the Federal Republic of Germany, including its European and international connections. The Master's programme provides students with the methodological and theoretical foundations and their application-oriented implementation as well as scientific and interdisciplinary knowledge.

The programme is characterised by a broad range of courses, which enables students to set their own priorities. The Master of „Economics, Law and Social Sciences“ can be studied in two variants:

Variant 1: Study with a disciplinary focus on

  • social sciences (political science and sociology) or
  • Economic science (organisation and economic policy as well as theoretical and empirical foundations)

Variant 2. studies with two disciplinary focuses in

  •  law and social sciences or
  •  social sciences and economics or
  •  economics and law

Our graduates open up good career opportunities with their studies through individual profiling. On the one hand, they have a broad, theoretically and methodologically sound perspective in at least one of the three political sciences (law, economics or social sciences). On the other hand, thanks to the individual choice of courses as well as integrated self-study units, they are specialised according to their interests, especially in the intersection of the disciplines of political science. As a result, our graduates are in great demand at national and international level in science and research, in companies, NGOs, associations, trade unions or in public administration.

In order to facilitate a smooth transition into professional life, there is, in addition to the crediting of internships, the possibility of writing the Master's thesis in cooperation with a research institution, a company or an organization.

If you have any questions regarding the study programme, please contact the study subject advisory service at ma-staatswissenschaften@uni-erfurt.de.