4. Mar 2022, 12.00 pm - 5. Mar 2022, 6.00 pm | Faculty of Philosophy, Religion, Society, and World Relations, Research

Modernity and the Construction of Sacred Space

Religious Studies Department
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public with registration

Workshop in English, organized by the Religious Studies Department.

We invite people to attend “Modernity and the Construction of Sacred Space,” an online workshop organized by the Religious Studies Department (Aaron French, PHD, Prof. Dr. Katharina Waldner) at the University of Erfurt in cooperation with the SpatioTemporality Research Erfurt (ERZ). These presentations will revisit the question of “sacred space” from an interdisciplinary perspective, focusing on religion, space, architecture, and esotericism during the emergence of the modern period. How are religious ideas—especially those related to “sacred” or “holy” space— transformed and transmitted across geographical and cultural boundaries, and how are sacred sites and buildings integrated into modern societies? These themes and more will be discussed in this international workshop.


To attend please register with Aaron French to receive the WebEx link: aaron.french@uni-erfurt.de

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