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New concept for TYPO3 trainings

Our website is realised with the content management system (CMS) TYPO3. In order to be able to maintain pages editorially, e.g. for a professorship, a project or a faculty, participation in a TYPO3 training course - even if prior knowledge is already available - is mandatory. Due to the pandemic, the web team has now revised the training concept so that the trainings can take place completely online, at least for the time being.

Changing the concept to a three-stage model - online introduction, self-study unit with video tutorials and an online practice unit - also means much greater flexibility. Particularly for the editors, as they can

  • can work through the topics at their own pace, 
  • do not have to attend a lengthy classroom training course despite the large number of functions that have now been realised for the website,
  • with previous knowledge - e.g. from working on the old university website or from previous jobs - can more quickly provide proof of the necessary knowledge,
  • thanks to the tutorials, they can repeat topics or quickly learn new functions. 
  • and have the opportunity for training more often than before. 

The training concept

Our training concept has three parts:

An introduction via Webex to the basic structure of the website, initial information on data protection and accessibility as well as a first login to the training system.

  • Number of participants: high
  • fixed date
  • Time required: maximum 60 minutes

Self-study unit on creating pages and the most important content elements using video tutorials that we have prepared for you and which will also be available to watch in the future.

  • Date: any time, video units can be worked through independently of each other.
  • Time required: minimum two to 3 hours

Practical part to review what has been learned and space for questions until further notice via Webex.

  • Number of participants: maximum 7
  • Dates: fixed, offered on an ongoing basis
  • Time required: one to two hours

You can find current dates in the Moodleraum. There are already dates available until the beginning of May. The trainings are offered in German. 

Registration for the trainings

Step 1: Register in the Moodle room "TYPO3 Schulungsraum" (All information and materials are provided here and the distribution to the individual training groups is realised. Registration in the room is not yet registration for a specific date).

Step 2: If suitable dates are offered for you, please register for the introductory event using the "Participate in training date" function (see screenshot). We will then set up the login for the training pages shortly before the introductory event. Attention: Without login, neither practical part I (self-study unit) nor II (review of what has been learned) can be carried out.

Step 3:  Self-study unit

Step 4: Register for a practice appointment via "Participation in training appointment". After successful participation (and submission of the completed online application for the login), you will receive your login for working with TYPO3 from us


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