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"Neuigkeiten über ziemlich alte Bücher. Erkundungen und Entdeckungen in der Bibliotheca Amploniana"

4. May 2022, 6.30 pm
Erfurt City Library, Domplatz
Amploniana Bildungsgeschichten
Erfurt University Library (UB)
Dr Marek Wejwoda
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In the series "Amploniana Bildungsgeschichten" at the University of Erfurt, Dr Marek Wejwoda will speak on Wednesday, 4 May, at 6.30 pm about "News about rather old books. Explorations and Discoveries in the Bibliotheca Amploniana".

With the methods and possibilities of modern manuscript research, one quickly realises that the Bibliotheca Amploniana is a rich treasure trove, large parts of which still need to be made accessible. This is where the current DFG project for the digitisation and in-depth indexing of the medical manuscripts of the Amploniana comes in. The lecture by project member Dr Marek Wejwoda will provide information on how manuscript indexers work today, how medieval manuscripts can be made to speak, what they can tell us and what else can be discovered in the Bibliotheca Amploniana.

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