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Possibilities of electronic examinations in the summer semester 2022

In a circular email today, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Professor Gerd Mannhaupt, informed the students of the University of Erfurt about the possibilities of electronic examinations in the summer semester. The letter in the wording:

Dear freshmen, dear students,

from today on it is so far. The WISEflow examination system is available for you if you have to take your examinations using it. Each individual examiner will inform you whether and how an exam is conducted via this system. You can also explore the possibilities of the system and try out demo exams without having to take any exams already created by your teachers.

Click on the following link to go directly to the WISEflow portal: http://de.wiseflow.net/uni-erfurt

Alternatively, you can access the WISEflow portal via the quick links -> Digitale Lehre -> WISEflow on the university homepage.

You can then log in using the eduGAIN procedure and will be forwarded to the shibboleth portal of the University of Erfurt. The login procedure is then the usual one. If you are not redirected directly to the registration page, please search for "Erfurt" in the search mask on the website.

Under this link you can download and view the current privacy policy for the use of WISEflow: https://www.uni-erfurt.de/fileadmin/Hauptseiten/Studium/Studienservices/Datenschutzerklaerung_zur_Nutzung_von_WISEflow-an-der-Universitaet_Erfurt.pdf

In addition to the documents and information provided in the WISEflow portal, mostly in English, you will find further information, documents (Corona Statutes of the University of Erfurt ) and a forum with Your questions and our answers in the following Moodle room: UEDiStu. In the description of the room you will find the registration key. In addition, the Moodle room contains all the legal foundations and instructions for conducting the electronic exams.

Please use only the forum in this Moodle room to ask questions. The eTeach Team will try to answer your questions as soon as possible. In addition, you and your fellow students can use questions that have already been answered as a knowledge database.

With kind regards
Gerd Mannhaupt