Professional Roles in the Academic World

21. Oct 2024 - 22. Oct 2024
Academic Skills Training
Dr. Anselm Spindler
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  • Target groups: doctoral candidates & postdoctoral researchers
  • Language: English
  • Date/Time: 21. & 22.10.2024, both days 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Maximum number of participants: 12
  • Deadline of registration: 06.10.2024

Workshop content

The university is a demanding work place: It requires a lot of initiative and self-organization from academic employees. Also, many tasks from very different areas quickly pile up: research, teaching, project work, publishing, writing a PhD thesis, administration, academic self-administration, science communication, etc. What’s more, these tasks often have to be performed under challenging conditions, such as fixed-term contracts, part-time contracts, contracts in several projects at the same time, parenthood or employment outside the academic world. This mix can make one feel overwhelmed or at least lose sight of one’s own priorities, e.g. for the PhD thesis and the professional prospects attached to it.

In this workshop, you will therefore have the chance to reflect, define and harmonize your professional roles at the university using the role concept from transactional analysis.

The following aspects are covered in the workshop:

  • Role panorama:
    What roles do I have in the university and beyond? To which areas can these roles be assigned and what synergies and conflicts exist between different roles?
  • Role clarification:
    What belongs to a specific role, what does not belong to it? Who or what will help me fill the role? Who or what is hindering me in filling the role? What expectations do I and others have of the role?
  • Integration of roles:
    How does the role thus defined fit into my role panorama? What can I do to better utilize synergies with other roles? What can I do to resolve conflicts with other roles?


  • Trainer input
  • Reflection and writing exercises
  • Work / feedback in small groups
  • Plenary sessions

About the coach


Dr. Anselm Spindler has a PhD in philosophy and is a transactional analysis coach. He lives and works in Frankfurt/Main, where he founded train of thought_, a workshop for academic writing. He offers transdisciplinary workshops and individual coaching sessions on academic writing and on topics relating to life and work in the academic world.



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