Season's Greatings!

Dear colleagues, dear students, dear friends of the University of Erfurt,

we are going through difficult, stressful times, in small and large ways, as a global community and as a university. That is all the more reason to wish you, your loved ones and your families a relaxing holiday season and the best possible end of the year.

Let us not become despondent, but approach the new year with confidence and hope for improvement. The wise, prudent and considerate behaviour of as many of us as possible will make this improvement possible. We hope that you will be able to recharge your batteries during the quieter days before us and find peace in order to cope well with all professional and private challenges in 2022.

And we would like to thank all those who, in the year that is coming to an end, have worked with verve and commitment and often beyond their limits to keep the university running. That, too, gives us courage. Our sympathy goes out to those who have fallen ill; those we have lost are not forgotten.

Let us remain cheerful and look forward together to the time after the crisis.

On behalf of the entire Presidium, we extend our warmest regards to you
Walter Bauer-Wabnegg

Season's Greatings

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