18. Mar 2021 - 19. Mar 2021 | Faculty of Education

Social pedagogical professionalisation in crisis?

Social Pedagogy Commission of the DGfE in cooperation with the University of Erfurt
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Annual conference of the Commission for Social Pedagogy of the German Society for Educational Science (DGfE) in cooperation with the University of Erfurt.

Perceptions of crisis contribute to qualifying social problems. They can thus lead to the construction or dismantling or transformation of social infrastructures. While social work in its beginnings as a profession was a profiteer of crisis perceptions related to the social, this can no longer be assumed at present, as expressed for example in the narrative of the 'crisis of the welfare state‛. Moreover, it is questionable whether an observable expansion of employment opportunities for social work also goes hand in hand with further social pedagogical professionalisation. The aim of the conference is to look at the conditions of the possibilities of social pedagogical professionalisation both at the level of academic qualification and at the level of the fields of action.


Head of the Social Pedagogy Unit
(Faculty of Education)
Mitarbeitergebäude 2 / room 308a