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Technologieoffenheit in der Klimakrise: Antrieb oder Bremse der Transformation?

8. Dec 2023, 12.00 pm - 1.00 pm
Climate Connect
Christina Dornack and Guido Mehlkop
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Lecture by Christina Dornack (TU Dresden, Environmental Council) and Guido Mehlkop (IPB Erfurt and Faculty of Economics, Law and Social Sciences) in the online series "Climate Connect" of the Institute for Planetary Health Behaviour.

New technologies such as carbon capture and storage can potentially mitigate climate change, but they are not panaceas. They can also distract the climate change debate from urgently needed structural and behavioural changes. They can give the impression that climate-friendly mobility, for example, is unnecessary – and thus become an excuse against climate protection. At the same time, technological solutions can only work if they are accepted by individuals and societies. The second Climate Connect combines the perspective of an engineer with that of a sociologist to shed light on the interaction between new technologies and social currents in climate protection.

About the series

Planetary Health Behaviour protects the climate, the environment and our health - it improves the quality of life today and safeguards it for future generations. But how can we develop health-promoting and environmentally sound strategies for society as a whole that will enable us to make the transformation to a sustainable world? In order to understand and promote climate-friendly behaviour, we at IPB want to combine different scientific perspectives, methods and findings. The Climate Connect lecture series establishes the "missing link" between knowledge and action through interdisciplinary exchange.

At Climate Connect, two experts from different scientific fields meet. Climate research meets psychology or communication science, medicine meets cognitive science or education science, health research meets political science, implementation research meets sociology. Both speakers have different expertise and experience and will present their research on climate-friendly behaviour in a pointed way. The audience is invited to participate in the state of the art of research on Planetary Health Behaviour and to jointly provide visionary impulses in science, politics and society.

Climate Connect is aimed at everyone interested in scientific exchange and solutions for more health promotion and climate protection. Become part of the "Missing Link"!


  • 15 minutes guest lecture
  • 15 minutes presentation from the IPB
  • 30 minutes moderated discussion with the audience

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