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University of Erfurt takes part in "Weimar Rendez-vous with History"

This year, colleagues from the University of Erfurt are once again taking part in the "Weimar Rendez-vous with History", which is taking place from 12 to 14 November. Under the motto "HEROES (m/f/d)", discussions are to take place and new impulses are to be given. At the same time, the event wants to set an example for the dialogue between citizens and science.

Heroic figures and their myths have permeated our history for thousands of years. Especially in times of crisis - be they caused by political oppression, climatic change or rapidly spreading diseases - the call for heroes and heroines is heard in many places. This year's Weimar Rendez-vous with History aims to examine and question the circumstances in which people in history (and in stories) became heroes, the role they played in the social fabric and the social and political influences they exerted.

Professor Michael Haspel from the University of Erfurt will also be taking part. He will lead a panel discussion at the Eckermann Bookshop in Weimar on 13 November at 12 noon. The title of the event is "From Gandhi to Greta: Protest and Personalisation". All interested parties are cordially invited, admission is free. And Professor Susanne Rau, Dr Alice Volkwein and Dr Elisa Goudin-Steinmann invite you to a workshop from 11 to 14 November with German and French students and PhD students who are working together on a project on the topic "Helden (m,w,d)".

You can find the complete programme at: https://weimarer-rendezvous.de/de/programm/