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"UniSchulPlattform" and Moodle: Workshop series for members of the University of Erfurt"

The team of the project "Forshcungscampus Digitale Leher*innenbildung" (subproject UniSchulPlattform) offers an online workshop series for users of the "UniSchulPlattform" and for teachers of the University of Erfurt interested in digital teaching. The workshops take place directly in the "UniSchulPlattform" and are each led by a lecturer from the "Sudile" company.

For those who decide on short notice, the workshop "Activating methods in the online setting" will start on 11.05.2023 from 2 to 5 pm. The workshop sets impulses for the use of different methods to activate your students. Didactic and methodological learning designs and techniques for incorporating learning platforms and tools will be presented. The workshop also offers you an insight into more complex methods such as flipped classroom or project-based learning. Lecturer is Christian Niemczik (Sudile). The number of participants is limited to 20 persons, registration via email is possible at unischulplattform@uni-erfurt.de until May 10.

On 14.09.2023, the workshop "Informal feedback in online self-learning" will take place in the time from 2 to 5 pm. In this workshop, different feedback methods in Moodle will be presented and embedded in didactic application scenarios. In the workshop the participants will get an insight into the work with the feedback tool and learn about the possibilities of peer feedback with the help of mutual assessment. An excursion into Moodle's own assessment system shows the possibilities it offers for automated evaluation. The lecturer is Sebastian Homer (Sudile). The number of participants is also limited to 20. Registration by email at unischulplattform@uni-erfurt.de is still possible until September 13.

The workshops are free of charge. You will receive the respective access link via email before the workshop starts.

By the way: On 09.11.2023 the first "DigiLounge@UniErfurt" will take place in cooperation with the eTeach team of the University of Erfurt from 2 to 4 pm. During a virtual consultation hour, Moodle expert Christian Niemczik will answer all questions about our learning platform Moodle. This offer will take place via Webex, the number of participants is not limited. The access link will be published in time beforehand.