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University Sports Club of Erfurt is gradually resuming its sports activities

The University Sports Club of Erfurt (USV) is gradually resuming its sports activities on the basis of a hygiene protection concept agreed with the university.

Already this week the departments calisthenics, karate and athletics have started. A special concept was created for the use of the club's own calisthenics facility. The Karateka train on a meadow in front of the sports hall in their discipline Kata and the running meetings take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Nordpark and Steigerwald respectively. "We are very happy that it finally starts again and thank all club members for their patience and loyalty to the club", explains the president of USV Jens Panse.

Other departments have created concepts for the resumption of training operations. But not everyone can train outdoors. Therefore the USV wants to use its own sports hall and that of the university again for limited sports operations. For this purpose, permissible user numbers were determined according to the LSB guidelines based on the room sizes. All departments have nominated authorised representatives for their training appointments. The hygiene protection concept is continuously supplemented and adapted to the applicable legal situation.

University sport is also to start again after Whitsun with a range of courses. Initially, health sport courses for yoga, Pilates and back fitness, the group fitness offers Iron-Body, Salsation and Streetworkout as well as courses in the individual sports of tennis and running are planned. All sports activities will take place outdoors. Employees* and students of both Erfurt universities can find out more and register at: https://einschreibung.usv-erfurt.de/ss20. Guests are also welcome within the limits of available capacities.