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Vice-President appeals to the teaching staff

The Vice-President for Academic Affairs at the University of Erfurt, Prof. Dr. Gerd Mannhaupt, today wrote to the lecturers in order to appeal to them once again to convert their teaching to online formats in the current winter semester, where it is still taking place in attendance.

The teaching staff had recently received the resolutions of the Senate of 2.12.2020 via the management of the faculties with the request to waive attendance teaching. "I would like to use this e-mail to urge you once again to comply with this request," explains Mannhaupt. "The University of Erfurt is not an island of infection control in the corona world" and we should not contribute unnecessarily to the spreading of the virus. "Please take this warning extremely seriously and switch your teaching to online operation."

The individual assessment regarding supposedly better or more intensive teaching does not outweigh the university's responsibility for the health of all students and teachers present. Especially not when the intransigent behaviour of individuals endangers the life and limb of others, including their relatives. For this reason, the changeover to online teaching within the framework of the senate resolution is now called for.