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Ways to a successful dissertation exposé

"Ways to a successful dissertation exposé" is the topic of a digital workshop offered by the University of Erfurt's Staff Unit Research and Graduate Services as part of its qualification programme on 11 August from 10 a.m. to 5.15 p.m. for those interested in doing a doctorate and applicants for a doctoral scholarship. The speaker is Dr. Beate Richter. Registration is still possible until 18 July.

The workshop shows reliable ways to develop a research project. Strong strategies and knowledge of stabilising structures give participants confidence in their first steps in a still unknown research field. They will learn tools for effectively writing a exposé for a PhD project or a grant proposal, which they can use again and again later to draft project outlines, project proposals or proposals for conferences. The workshop offers the opportunity to work directly on the respective project ideas and to obtain initial feedback. Main topics are: Strategies for developing the research goal, theoretical framework and research design; structuring strategies for a solid project plan, publication planning for articles and / or monographs (first text outline), structure of an exposé.

The speaker, Dr. Beate Richter, is the founder of the Wissenschaftliche Schreibwerkstatt Berlin (Scientific Writing Workshop Berlin), where she has been offering a sophisticated programme of writing workshops, coaching and editing services for academics and students across disciplines since 2003. After studying physics, philosophy and literature, she completed her doctorate in the philosophy of education and has since taught in the fields of philosophy of science and applied ethics. She is a lecturer at the Free University of Berlin and Steinbeis University Berlin.

You can find the registration form  here.