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Further information on preparing and supporting digital teaching in the summer semester

In a letter to the teaching staff, the Vice-President for Academic Affairs of the University of Erfurt, Prof. Dr. Gerd Mannhaupt, today published further information on the preparation and support of digital teaching in the summer semester. The letter contains the wording...

Dear colleagues,

Today I would like to provide you with information on three topics for the preparation and support of digital teaching:

1. Moodle room to support digital teaching is ready
In a very committed task force of colleagues we have tried to compile as much as necessary and as compact and comprehensible as possible all information, hints, instructions, tips and links on university and media didactic as well as technical and software aspects of digital teaching for the summer semester. In addition, a hotline is available for help with urgent problems via a Webex room and via Webex telephone switchboard. You can find this room with the course search in moodle under the short name: OLS2020. The access key for this room is: UEdigital. Of course, you can also give this access to tutors who will support you in implementing digital teaching.

2. Student access to the moodle rooms
Since there is no possibility this semester to provide students with access data to the moodle room of the lectures in the first classroom session, I would like to suggest the following procedure. We have distinguished three scenarios in the preparation and have differentiated the preparation for them as follows:

a) Preparation
You, the teachers, enter the following universal access key in the moodle rooms of the courses whose student participants you do not know: Stawi2020. (Since the Faculty of Political Science has already initiated a similar procedure, we are happy to take over and, so that students only have to use one key, this one). You can find assistance in our moodle room. This key will be communicated to all students of the University of Erfurt by e-mail next Monday.

b) Lectures
These are free courses within the university. For access, all lecturers at the University of Erfurt enter the universal access key "Stawi2020" and every student can attend the lecture.

c) Seminars/courses with unknown participants
All teachers enter the universal access key "Stawi2020" and decide after 1 to 2 weeks who can participate. They remove the students from the rooms who cannot attend the course and assign a new, specific access key. You can send this key to latecomers or replacements by e-mail on request. They do not have to use two applications, but only the e-mail program.

d) Seminars/courses with known participants and their e-mail addresses
The teachers will inform these students of the specific access key by e-mail. This e-mail can also be sent to latecomers or successors. You do not need to use two applications to do this, but only the e-mail program.

3. Live meetings in the video rooms
Some colleagues have already asked that it might be easier for students to manage their schedules if the live sessions were moved to evening hours and supposedly less in demand. If you would follow this procedure, students would most likely experience a great confusion regarding "digital attendance times" with collisions of live sessions of several courses on one date.  Therefore, if you use the video platforms for live sessions, only use the attendance times stated in the course catalogue. The students know this time from the course catalogue and then they can and have certainly already planned their summer semester as usual without any collisions between courses. Deviations from this rule lead to unnecessary and avoidable conflicts and stress for the students, as in analogous teaching.

I would like to thank you very much for your great commitment in dealing with these new challenges. Protect yourself and others and stay healthy!
Gerd Mannhaupt