20. May 2022, 12.00 pm - 2.00 pm | Equal opportunity office, Internal service, Central events

Workshop: "Studying with a Child: Study-Life-Balance"

Lehrgebäude 1, Raum 324 (2. OG)
Equal Opportunities Office and University Health Management
Nils Seiler
Event type
for students of the University of Erfurt

As part of its health management, the University of Erfurt is offering its students a workshop on 20 May entitled: "Studying with a child: study-life balance".

How do other mothers and fathers manage the balancing act between family and studies? How satisfied am I with the different areas of my life? What challenges, demands and goals do I have? And how can I recharge my battery? The short workshop with parent coach Nils Seiler offers impulses, opportunities for exchange and helpful methods of self-management. Students with children or family responsibilities as well as parents-to-be are welcome to attend this offer from the Equal Opportunities Office and Health Management.

Registration in the Moodle room is possible under Kurse/Weiterbildungsangebote/Universitäre Gesundheitsförderung (registration key: Studieren mit Kind). You will also find further information there.