Qualification and further vocational training

Personnel qualification and support in the academic and non-academic (i.e., science administration) areas have become increasingly important for universities over the past decade. Competence-oriented personnel development is therefore one of the strategic fields of action to which the university is also increasingly devoting itself and has established and continues to expand offers to support its personnel - i.e. its members and members of staff - in a targeted manner. The offers range from the acquisition of key competences, to university didactics, targeted further training and health management.

The University of Erfurt has expressed its holistic approach in a comprehensive overall concept for personnel development, with various sub-concepts.

Current continuing education and training opportunities in research, teaching and administration

Academic Qualification

The current offer of the University of Erfurt in the field of Academic Qualification is aimed at all academic staff, i.e. employees, university lecturers and scholarship holders or those interested in doctoral studies, doctoral candidates, postdocs and university lecturers / professors. It contains four fields for the acquisition of competencies:

  • a program in higher education didactics with the possibility to obtain a certificate,
  • a workshop programme for the acquisition of interdisciplinary key competencies,
  • a mentoring program for doctoral students on the one hand
  • and postdocs on the other, as well as the offer of individual coaching for postdocs and university lecturers.

In this way, we want to support scientists of all phases in the further development of their competencies and in their career (planning) in the best possible and individual way. All offers are free of charge, but are aimed exclusively at members and affiliates of the University of Erfurt.

You can find more information about the current program offers as well as detailed information, contacts and the possibility to register by clicking on the respective offer.



Qualification and further vocational training in the field of science administration

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Training Programs of the University Computer and Media Center (URMZ) to the offers
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Educational leave as well as annual training programme and e-learning seminars for employees of the Thuringian state administration to the offers (internal area, login required)