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Climate Change and Energy Transition in the Focus of Research

This year, we will once again encounter many topics and questions to which the scientists at the University of Erfurt are looking for answers or even already have answers. As in the past two years - with "Corona and its consequences" and "Globalisation and world relations" - we would therefore like to take a look at a special topic again in 2022. This time we want to look at "Climate Change and Energy Transition" from different scientific perspectives.

In our research blog "WortMelder" you will find contributions from researchers at the University of Erfurt on this topic from now on. More will follow throughout the year. The perspectives are diverse. So it's worth taking a look...

"Climate Change and Energy Transition" in the "WortMelder" research blog(in German only)

Be part of it!

Are you a researcher at the University of Erfurt and would like to write an article on this topic? Then contact the University Communication (pressestelle@uni-erfurt.de) by 28 February. Tell us which question you would like to work on and by when you could write your contribution. By the way, we also welcome contributions from young researchers!

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