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University of Erfurt welcomes Herzog Ernst Scholarship Holders and Hiob Ludolf Fellows to the Gotha Research Campus

They come not only from Germany, but also from Poland, the Czech Republic, the USA, Ethiopia, Great Britain, Hungary, Israel and Italy: the University of Erfurt welcomes its new Herzog Ernst scholarship holders and Hiob Ludolf fellows to the Gotha research campus with a small ceremony in the lecture hall of the research campus next Monday, 13 June. The event begins at 1.30 pm.

Gotha's mayor Knut Kreuch will also speak at the event. Afterwards, the scholarship holders and fellows will present themselves and their research work in more detail, and there will also be an opportunity for exchange and discussion.

An overview of the scholarship holders and fellows as well as the titles of their research work can be found on the website of the Gotha Research Centre at: https://www.uni-erfurt.de/forschungszentrum-gotha/stipendien/stipendiatinnen/aktueller-jahrgang.