Das Forschungskolleg Transkulturelle Studien freut sich über die Ankunft von Prof. Dr. Duane Corpis (NYU Shanghai), der von Februar bis Juni als Gastprofessor bei uns ist.

Aktuelles Projekt:

Beyond the Parish:  Transregional Charity Projects and Protestant Global Networks in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic and Indian Ocean Worlds

Framing histories along the oceanic geographies has become standardized in historical scholarship in the last few decades, but less attention has been paid to how these oceanic zones interacted and intersected.  By focusing on the exponential growth of Protestant charitable networks in the eighteenth century, this project will examine the conceptual, financial, and institutional structures that tied together European actors in both the Atlantic and Indian Ocean Worlds. It focuses upon a range of projects stemming especially from within Pietistic and missionary religious impulses, which drove the notion of charity beyond the parish boundaries and the common chest of the local community.

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