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Projekt von Antoine Haaker M.A.

Philibert de La Mare’s Claudii Salmasii, eruditorum principis vita. First edition, introduction and commentary

Claudii Salmasii eruditorum principis vita: this ample and elegantly written account of the life of the scholar Claudius Salmasius (Claude de Saumaise 1588–1653) is the work of his contemporary and friend Philibert de La Mare (1615–1687). It would still be the most extensive biography of Salmasius as well as an interesting primary source on 17th Century literary history in general, had not it remained unpublished for political reasons. The purpose of my PhD project at the University of Wrocław (Poland) is to edit it from the extant manuscripts together with a commentary. The edition itself is already well under way, but the composition of the commentary requires the consultation of a high number of early modern books on all kinds of subjects as well as of various modern works written on the early modern period, for the reason that Salmasius dealt with fields as varied as oriental languages, theology, botany, literary criticism, ancient history, medicine or law. Since such books are often difficult to find in Poland, a stay at the research library of Gotha with its large collections of books from or on the early modern period will prove essential for the completion of the project.




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