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Projekt von Dr. Cecilia Muratori

Dr. Cecilia Muratori

Mystical Concepts: Jacob Böhme as Philosopher

The research to be conducted at Forschungsbibliothek Gotha will form the basis of a book project dedicated to Jacob Böhme’s philosophy, focusing on selected concepts that constitute the core of his mystical-philosophical approach. Despite the rising interest in Böhme’s thought in recent years, a study of his philosophy, based on close-text analysis of multiple editions of his works, as well as on archival research, is still a desideratum. The originality of the proposed approach consists in the fact that attention will be given not only to philological accuracy, but also to the understanding of Böhme’s philosophical thought considered in its development, stretching from Aurora to the last texts. It is indeed often forgotten that Böhme worked on the conceptualization of his mystical ‘intuition’, and on the apt terminology to express it, throughout his life. To achieve this aim, the research will focus on three main areas: the complex conception of the Divine, the close relationship between the Divine and nature’s vitality; and the ‘hybrid language’ created by Böhme. The reconstruction seeks also to take into account other relevant examples of theological and philosophical language of the 16th- and early 17th- centuries (for instance Weigel and Franck), in order to situate Böhme’s philosophical terminology within the contemporary background.




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