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Projekt von Dr. Misbahur Rehman

The Role of Commentaries in the Transmission of Knowledge in Islamic Culture: A Study of Hash-iyas (Glosses) in Forschungsbibliothek Gotha

The Current Study is an extension of my PhD project, which challenged the common perception presented by several esteemed authors that commentaries are passive unoriginal works. The study provided evidence for creativity in these works and tried to explain why authors preferred to write commentaries instead of original books. Among other evidences, the study also analyzed three examples from three different commentaries (shuruh) to show original contributions of the authors of these works. However, all the chosen commentaries were from the category of Sharh (one of the four popular types of commentaries; the others being Hashiya, Ta’liqat and Taqrirat). The current study takes this concept a step further to include the second most popular type of commentaries, namely, the glosses/Hashiyas to see if the same is true in case of Hashiyas as well. To do so, the study will examine – among other works available in Forschungsbibliothek Gotha such as manuscript Nos. 1025, 968, 969, 1022 – the manuscript of a Hashiya (ms No. 1023) titled “al-‘Qaiq ala Tabyin al-Haqaiq” on a Sharh by al-Zaila’i (d. 1343 CE) on a Matn by al-Nasafi (d. 1310 CE). The study will not only lead to the introduction of a new work but will also contribute to our understanding of the genre ‘Hashiya’ – one of the most ignored genres in Islamic scholarship.




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