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M.S. Merian – R. Tagore International Centre of Advanced Studies "Metamorphoses of the Political" (ICAS-MP): Religionsforschung


08/2015-06/2018 (Vorbereitungsphase)
07/2018-06/2024 (Hauptphase)


Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung


ICAS-MP combines the benefits of an open, interdisciplinary forum for intellectual exchange with the advantages of a cutting-edge research centre. The centre focuses on key political processes that have emerged in parallel in many parts of the world during the twentieth century through to the present day, processes that are entangled yet heterogeneous. Located in the global South where ‘most of the world’ resides, ICAS-MP critically intervenes in debates in the social sciences which, despite relying almost entirely on evidence from North-Atlantic rim societies, claim universal applicability. It will serve as a centre of advanced international research located in India in order to consciously unsettle the methodological nationalism and Eurocentrism that continue to frame research in the humanities and social sciences. Through its innovative modular and network structure, ICAS-MP will generate sustainable research cooperation among leading humanities and social science scholars from Germany, India and other countries who investigate similar research problems rather than necessarily the same region.

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Thematische Einordnung (Schlagworte)

  • Religionsforschung
  • Politik

    Prof. Dr. Martin Fuchs, dernière actualisation: 29.01.2019


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