Université d'Erfurt

Prof. Dr. Kalpana Ram: Ehemaliger Fellow

Fellow am Max-Weber-Kolleg von März bis Juni 2018




Present Position

  • 2011 Associate Professor of Anthropology, Department of Anthropology, Macquarie University

Past Academic Positions

  • 2010- 2015 Inaugural Director of India Research Centre, Faculty of Arts, Macquarie University
  • 2007-2010  Head of Department, Department of Anthropology, Macquarie University
  • 2002-2007  Senior Lecturer, Anthropology, Macquarie University
  • 2001  Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A (Teaching position)
  • 1996-2000  ARC Research Fellow, Anthropology, Macquarie University
  • 1991-1995  Research Fellow, Gender Relations Centre, Australian National University.
  • 1989-1991  Head Tutor, Department of Anthropology, Macquarie University

Awards, and Fellowships

  • 2018 Visiting Research Fellow at Max Weber Center for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies, University of Erfurt, Germany. March-June.
  • 2012 Selection of paper ‘Uneven Modernities and Ambivalent Sexualities: Women’s construction of puberty in coastal Kanyakumari.’ in Handbook of Gender, ed. Raka Ray, Oxford University Press, showcasing ‘best of feminist scholarship over last twenty years’.
  • 2011 Invited Visiting Fellowship at Max Weber Center for advanced Cultural and Social Studies, University of Erfurt, Germany; Community Felicitation as High Achiever in Women’s Forum, International Women’s Day, awarded by United Indian Association, Peak body for NSW Indian Associations.
  • 2008 Best Publication in 2007 in Australian Anthropological Journal, High Commendation runner up awarded by Australian Anthropological Society, for paper ‘published in The Australian Journal of Anthropology.
  • 2008 Award for Innovation in Teaching , Division of Society Media Culture Philosophy (SCMP), Macquarie University
  • 2003 Nominated by ARC as ‘Expert Assessor of International Standing’ for purposes of assessing applications on behalf of the ARC under the peer review process.


Work to be undertaken with 3 month Fellowship at Max Weber Kolleg - March-end of May 2018

This proposal for a three month fellowship with the Max Weber Kolleg for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies at the University of Erfurt builds on a longer standing set of collaborations with Professors Martin Fuchs and Jörg Rüpke, as well as other members of the college. These include an earlier Fellowship at the Kolleg in 201, followed by an invitation from Prof. Rüpke to give a keynote plenary address for the 2015 XXI World Congress of the International Association for History of Religions, Dynamics of Religions: Past and Present, held in Erfurt. The address was subsequently published at the end of 2016 as a chapter entitled ‘Gaining Access to the Radically Unfamiliar: Religion in Modern Times' and appeared in Dynamics of Religion, edited by Professor Rüpke and published by De Gruyter Press. In 2018 I will be working on two projects, both of which make contributions to the work that has been done by the research group ‘Religious Individualization in Historical Perspective’ undertaken at the Max Weber Kolleg.

Full Research Project (PDF)


Books (sole author)

  • 2013 Fertile Disorder: Spirit Possession and its provocation of the modern. (University of Hawaii Press).
  • 1991 Mukkuvar Women: Gender, Hegemony  and Capitalist Transformation in a South Indian Fishing Community. Premier volume in Women in Asia Series, published on behalf of the Asian Studies Association of Australia, by Allen and Unwin; Zed Press, and by Kali Press for Women, New Delhi (1992)

Books (edited)

  • 2015 with Christopher Houston, Phenomenology in Anthropology. A sense of Perspective. Indiana University Press.
  • 2001 with Margaret Jolly, Borders of Being: Citizenship, Sexuality and Reproduction in Asia and the Pacific. University of Michigan Press, Michigan.
  • 1998 with Margaret Jolly, Maternities and Modernities: Colonial and Post Colonial Experiences in Asia and the Pacific, Cambridge University Press.

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