Université d'Erfurt

Marialilia Cavallaro: Ehemalige Gast-Doktorandin

Gastdoktorandin am Max-Weber-Kolleg von September 2017 bis August 2018


Marialilia Cavallaro received her undergraduate degree from the University of Catania, where she obtained a Laurea in Classical Studies with a focus on history and archaeology. She defended a thesis titled ‘Feste e ideologia dell’Impero nell’Atene di Pericle’ (‘Festivals and the Ideology of the Empire in Periclean Athens’), under direction of Professor M. Corsaro.

In July 2014, she completed her Master’s Degree in Ancient Studies at the University of Pisa. Her thesis, titled ‘Gli agoni musicali nella Grecia arcaica e classica. Pratiche rituali e tradizioni mitiche’ (‘Musical Contests in Archaic and Classical Greece. Ritual Practices and Mythical Traditions’), was written under direction of Professor A. Taddei.

For the academic year 2014/2015, she was awarded a post-graduate fellowship to attend a year-long specialization course in Cultural Sciences at the Scuola Internazionale di Alti Studi of the Fondazione San Carlo, a cultural institute based in Modena which aims to foster high-level interdisciplinary research in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Since academic year 2015/2016, she is a PhD student in Cultural Sciences at the Scuola Internazionale di Alti Studi of the Fondazione San Carlo of Modena.

From September 2017 until August 2018 she will be at the Max Weber Kolleg as guest PhD for the research project on "Religious Individualisation in Historical Perspective".

Her interest in Greek civilization is especially focused on social and historical aspects, with regards the study of religious practices, mythology and festivals.


Social transformations and religious practices. The cult of Apollo in Archaic and Classical Greece

About my project, SOCIAL TRANSFORMATIONS AND RELIGIOUS PRACTICES. THE CULT OF APOLLO IN ARCHAIC AND CLASSICAL GREECE, I have as tutor for the Fondazione San Carlo in Italy Prof. A. Taddei of the University of Pisa. The research is about ancient greek history and greek religion, and involves also subjects as greek anthropology, greek literature and archeology.

The project aims at a comparative study of the developments of Apollo's cult in the festivals at Delos, Delphi and Sparta in the light of literary, epigraphic and archaeological sources. The main goal of the study will be a critical analysis of the evolution of the festivals’ ritual practices with regards to the transformations undergone by Greek societies in the period spanning from the archaic era to the definition of the social horizon of Classical Greece.

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