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English Café

This semester, the English Café for conversation practice will take place  in Hörsaal 7 (the café next to the Mensa) Mondays from 5-7pm.

Please drop by before or after a class. There is no pressure to stay the entire time, of course.  However, this will give you an opportunity to practice your English in a non-academic setting.

The WRITING LAB TUTORS will be there, so you can also get to know them.

WRITING LAB (for English)

WRITING LAB will be offered again this semester, and tutors are there to:

    - check your writing task for problems (and find solutions;
               tutor does not correct, but rather point out)

    - listen to your talk or presentation  ( on a USB stick with you bringing
           the  talk on a stick, and the two of you listen to it together)

    - go over a presentation or talk with you
    - listen to your ideas re a presentation
    - listen to you read a text  (pronunciation practice)
    - listen to your reading (from an article) on a USB stick (you bring
           the reading or talk on stick, and the two of you
           listen to it together)

WRITING tasks are to be typed and at 1.5 line-spacing (Zeilenabstand).  No handwritten papers please!


Schedule: Please sign up beforehand at the SLZ.

Mon: -

Tues: 9am-11am

Wed: 11am-13pm; 14pm-16pm

Thurs: 10am-12noon; 14pm-16pm

Fri: 11am-13pm

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