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WiSe 2013/14 Roman Germany

LECTURE SERIES / Vorlesung (3 LP)

Monday 08:15 to 09:45 (in the morning!), LG I, Hörsaal/lecture hall 4



B Ges 2012 E03#01 & W06#01
BA Ges 2007 E04#01 & W05#01 & W07#01
MaL R 2007 FDGe01#01
MEd R 2013 FDGe01#01
"Deutschlandjahr" students welcome!


For a long time, the Roman Empire was conceptualized as an imperium sine fine (empire without limits), and thus the territory which is modern Germany was soon envisaged as a potential part of the Empire, and parts of that region actually became, and remained, Roman for half a millennium. The lecture series will present the evidence and discuss the models to interpret it. We shall explore pre-Roman Germany, the first encounters between its inhabitants and the Romans, Julius Caesar‘s conquests and the expansion of the Roman Empire under Augustus up to, and beyond, the defeat in the Teutoburg forest. We shall look at alternatives to conquest, and the problems of „becoming Roman“. The change of Roman policy implied in developing frontier zones into frontiers will be explored, as will be the end of the Roman presence, and the lasting impact it had on Germany until today.

Die Vorlesung wird in englischer Sprache gehalten.


J. D. Creighton / R. J. A. Wilson (eds.), Roman Germany: Studies in Interaction. (JRA Suppl. 32) Portsmouth R.I. 1999. - K. Matijevic, Germania, in www.encyclopediaancienthistory.com (available through the university library)


21.10.13., 28.10.13, 4.11.13, 25.11.13, 9.12.13, 16.12.13, 6.1.14, 13.1.14, 27.1.14, 3.2.14, written exam on 10.2.14

As the lecturer serves the university as its president, there are four Monday mornings at which he cannot be present: 11.10.13, 18.10.13, 2.12.13 and 20.1.13. To make up for this, we went on a study tour to Regensburg (see below).

Study Tour

On 11.1.14 (Saturday January 11th, 2014) we have travelled to the UNESCO world heritage city of Regensburg, to visit the Roman sites and the History museum there.

The train (via Gera and Hof) left Erfurt Hauptbahnhof at 06:45 (early in the morning), so we arrived in Regensburg at 11:37. As for the return journey, there were trains leaving Regensburg at 16:21 (arriving in Erfurt at 21:10), and another one ca. two hours later. Of course, everyone was free to stay on for the night (there are several hostels, e.g. http://regensburg.jugendherberge.de ) and make their own way back on Sunday.

We have used the "Schönes Wochenende" Ticket. The overall cost per person for the train ticket, the museum entrance and tour was 10 Euro; the rest was covered by Kai Brodersen privately and the university.


via  Praesidiumsbüro or e-mail Kai.Brodersen@uni-erfurt.de .


Details on  Evaluationen.


written exam (90 minutes) on February 10th, 2014, at 08:15 in Hoersaal 4 or essay (3-5 pages of text, essential bibliography, but not necessarily footnotes, by end of February 2014. The lecturer has emailed all participants about the details for a so-called "qT-Schein".




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