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SoSe 2015 Classical Languages

Classical Languages (CLAN 2102)

Wednesday 11-12, Psychology Building, Room G.40

6 credit points


  • Level 2 option in the Classics and Ancient History major sequence
  • A broadening unit for Bachelor of Arts students provided it is taken with a non-LOTE major (either degree-specific or second) in which Latin units are not offered (i.e. cannot be the Classics and Ancient History major or the Medieval and Early Modern Studies major)
  • Category A broadening unit for Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Design and Bachelor of Science students
  • Level 2 elective


This unit takes up the study of the language from CLAN1101 (Latin 1), which is a prerequisite for it. Students continue to read modified Latin texts and through graded exercises extend their knowledge of classical Latin vocabulary and grammar. In particular, this unit concentrates on the syntax, or sentence construction, of the language, since much of the morphology, the changing forms of individual words, has been covered in CLAN1101.


Students are able to

  • (1) recognise and describe the forms and functions of a greater variety of Latin nouns, adjectives, pronouns and verbs;
  • (2) demonstrate understanding of much more complex Latin sentence structure (syntax);
  • (3) translate from Latin, without the aid of dictionaries, more complex passages composed
    of a larger set vocabulary;
  • (4) compose more complex Latin sentences from a larger set vocabulary; and
  • (5) use correct grammatical, especially syntactical, terminology in the analysis of Latin words and
  • sentences.


Typically this unit is assessed in the following way(s):

  • (1) five minor class tests (25 per cent);
  • (2) a major class test (25 per cent); and
  • (3) a two-hour end-of-semester examination (50 per cent).

Further information is available in the unit outline.

Supplementary assessment is not available in this unit except in the case of a bachelor's pass degree student who has obtained a mark of 45 to 49 and is currently enrolled in this unit, and it is the only remaining unit that the student must pass in order to complete their course.

Unit Coordinator

Professor Yasmin Haskell

Contact hours

3 hrs per week (over 13 weeks)

Contact Professor Brodersen

Arts Building Room 150, or email kai.brodersen@uwa.edu.au




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