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CLAN4104 Latin Language and Literature

Monday 11-12, room Arts 150

6 credit  points


Honours option in Classics and Ancient History [Bachelor of Arts (Honours)]


This unit involves intensive study of ancient and sometimes later Latin texts in the original language. Students translate the set work(s) independently, thereby developing their command of the language. They perform philological, literary and historical criticism in dialogue with relevant modern scholarship and learn to set the texts in their wider cultural, intellectual, historical and literary contexts. The unit thus prepares students for research in Latin literature and language at postgraduate level.

  • Week 1: Introduction (YH and KB)
  • Week 2: Literature survey meeting (YH and KB)
  • Week 3: Deliver literature survey to YH and KB
  • Week 4: Submit reading log 1 (of Livy 42,34) to KB
  • Week 5: Meeting with KB to discuss log 1 and literature survey/ submit reading log 2 (Valerius Maximus 7,6) to KB
  • Week 6: Meeting with KB to discuss reading log 2  / submit reading logs 3 and 4 (Tacitus, Hist. 4,32 and Ann. 12,37)
  • Week 7: Meeting with KB to discuss reading logs 3 and 4  / submit reading log 5 (Plautus, Miles) to YH and KB
  • Week 8: Meeting with YH (?and KB) to discuss reading log 5 / submit reading log 6 (Virgil, Aen. 9 on Nisus and Euryalus) to YH
  • Week 9: Meeting with YH to discuss reading log 6
  • Week 10: Essay question discussion with YH and KB
  • Week 11: Essay plan discussion with YH and KB
  • Week 12: Writing the essay.
  • Week 13: Submit essay to YH and KB


Students are able to (1) independently and critically translate and analyse the Latin texts studied; (2) become increasingly capable of posing productive research questions and carrying out independent research which builds a foundation for postgraduate study in ancient Latin language and literature and/or Latin humanism; (3) critically evaluate ancient and modern approaches to Latin language and literature; and (4) display highly developed analytical, problem-solving and communication skills.


Typically this unit is assessed in the following way(s): (1) an end-of-semester examination; (2) a research essay; and (3) seminar participation.

Further information is available in the unit outline. Supplementary assessment is not available in this unit in any circumstance because the Faculty has been granted an exemption.

Unit Coordinator

Professor Yasmin Haskell

Contact Professor Brodersen

Arts Building Room 150, or email kai.brodersen@uwa.edu.au




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