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CLAN 4101

CLAN4101 Researching the Classical World 1 - Problems and Resources

Friday 14-6, Seminar room t.b.c.

6 credit points


Honours core unit in Classics and Ancient History [Bachelor of Arts (Honours)]


This unit is focused on contemporary research in the classical world of Greece and Rome, recognising the multidisciplinary nature of this research and the broad range of specialised skills which are needed to pursue it. Students work with specialists in a range of fields such as archaeology, literary and linguistic analysis, and historical traditions. Emphasis is placed on the locating and utilising of resources to solve problems and to find
up-to-date information quickly, and the strengths and weaknesses of particular resources are always a focus of discussion. Particular areas to be covered include the basic elements of archaeology, an introduction to textual transmission, the use of epigraphy and classical systems of time-reckoning.


Students are able to

  • (1) demonstrate a realisation that much of the research being done in Classics and Ancient History depends on an interconnected range of skills, and show a comprehensive outlook when analysing problems;
  • (2) develop a detailed appreciation of the resources and methodologies available within their own specialist areas; and
  • (3) gain a good understanding of where information can be found in areas with which they are less familiar but which may still be relevant to their research.


Typically this unit is assessed in the following way(s):

  • (1) an exercise analysing the different disciplinary resources used in one piece of published research connected with the student’s own dissertation;
  • (2) a 2000-word essay requiring in-depth discussion of one of the areas covered in the unit’s seminars; and
  • (3) a two-hour examination requiring coverage of three of the seminar areas.

Further information is available in the unit outline.
Supplementary assessment is not available in this unit in any circumstance because the Faculty has been granted an exemption.

Unit Coordinator

Assistant Professor Lara O'Sullivan 

Contact hours

2 hrs per week (over 13 weeks)

Contact Professor Brodersen

Arts Building Room 150, or email kai.brodersen@uwa.edu.au






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