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Kai Brodersen

CV of failures

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Unsuccessful applications (did not get beyond the shortlist)

  • Bamberg (C4; 2001)
  • Erlangen (C 3; 1996)
  • Greifswald (C 3; 1996)
  • St. Andrews/Scotland (chair; 1997)
  • Christchurch/NZ (chair; 1998)

Offered chair not accepted (because of incompatible pension arrangements)

  • Newcastle upon Tyne (chair; 1999)

Unconfirmed election to become Rector (Council elected, Senate did not confirm)

  • Tübingen (2005)

Returned Fellowships

  • Center for Hellenic Studies, Washington DC (Trustees for Harvard University), Junior Fellow for 1996/97 - returned for the Mannheim Chair
  • Heisenberg-Stipendium, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, from 1996 - returned for the Mannheim Chair
  • Wissenschaftskolleg Greifswald, Senior Fellow 2008/09 - returned for the Erfurt presidency (but see regular CV for 2019/20)
  • British School at Athens, Fellowship 2009 - returned for the Erfurt presidency
  • Polonsky Fellowship, University of Oxford 2018 - returned because of ill health (see below)

Rejected Funding Applications

  • Akademie-Antrag "Raumbilder - Bildräume" (shortlisted, but ultimately rejected 2014)
  • Fritz Thyssen Stiftung Conference Philostratoi (2018)
  • British Academy Global Professorship (2018)
  • Thüringer Forschungspreis (shortlisted, but ultimately not awarded 2019)
  • et al.

Rejected Book Projects

  • Melania - The Lives of Two Female Saints (considered by two different publishers as too "boring")
  • Herodotus VIII and IX, Greek and German (to complement the seven volumes already published; will now be published as a mere translation)
  • et al.

Dissertations co-supervised, but unfinished over a decade later

  • Die Antike im Kinderbuch (Mannheim, 2005)
  • Giftmord in der römischen Antike (Mannheim, 2005)

Failing health

  • Morbus Berger (aka IgA Nephropathy), a degenerative kidney disease ultimately leading to the necessity of dialysis (diagnosed Erfurt, 2012)
  • Surgery on the colon (twice) converting me into a semicolon (Erfurt, 2018/9)

Unwritten book

Unfinished books (as yet)

  • see the page with the optimistic title  projects.



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