University of Erfurt

Prof. Dr. Vasilios N. Makrides

Professor of Religious Studies (Orthodox Christianity) at the Faculty of Philosophy

Vasilios N. Makrides finished his PhD at the University of Tübingen in 1991, after having studied theology, religious studies and sociology of religion at the universities of Athens and Harvard. He is Professor of Religious Studies (Orthodox Christianity) at the University of Erfurt since 1999.


The research interests of Vasilios N. Makrides lie mainly in the cultural history and sociology of Orthodox Christianity in Greece and elsewhere in Eastern Europe, the history of religious ideas and mentalities in Greece and elsewhere in Eastern Europe, the religious and cultural relations between Western and Eastern Europe, secular cults and political religions as well as the history, theories and methods of religious studies.


Vasilios N. Makrides offers seminars and lectures in the BA and MA of Religious Studies. The main topics include Religion in Complex Societies; Theory and Method of Religious Studies; Orthodoxy, Europe and the West; Conversions to Orthodox Christianity in a Global Age; Orthodox Christianity, Modernity and Postmodernity; History of European Religion/Orthodox Christianity; Hellenism and Christianity; Orthodoxy in the Balkans as well as Sources of the Religious and Cultural History of Orthodox Christianity

Selected Publications

  • 2016: Christentum und Menschenrechte in Europa. Perspektiven und Debatten in Ost und West (Erfurter Studien zur Kulturgeschichte des Orthodoxen Christentums, 11), Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 218 S. (hrsg. zusammen mit J. Wasmuth und S. Kube)
  • 2014: Културна историја православља и модерност. Одабрани радови, Belgrad: Konrad Adenauer Stiftung / Хришћански културни центар др Радован Биговић, 365 S.
  • 2012: Themenheft zu „Orthodox Christianity and Modernity: Perspectives form Erfurt and Other Research Projects“, Religion, State & Society (London) 40/3-4 (September/December)
  • 2010: Orthodox Christianity in 21st Century Greece: The Role of Religion in Culture, Ethnicity and Politics, Farnham: Ashgate, 258 S. (hrsg. zusammen mit Victor Roudometof)
  • 2009: Hellenic Temples and Christian Churches:  A Concise History of the Religious Cultures of Greece from Antiquity to the Present, New York and London: New York University Press, 345 S.



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