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CfP: Post-positivist approaches to IPE (COST-Workshop)

Call for Papers for a Workshop of the COST-Action IS0902: World Financial Crisis. Systemic Risks, Financial Crisis and Credit (www.worldfinancialcrisis.eu)


“Post-positivist approaches to International Political Economy in times of economic crises”

University of Erfurt, January 11th–12th 2013


There is a common consensus that the economic and political crisis of the EU challenges the disciplinary structures of both economics and international political economy alike. Meanwhile, a discussion has started that explores and redefines the constitutive boundaries of both disciplines. Yet how the gaps, open spaces and redefinition can look like, what approaches now move to the fore and whether the mainstream will really be challenged is hard to say at this stage. This workshop seeks to bring different post-positivist (constructivist, poststructuralist) approaches together. It seeks to reconstruct both the current crises from post-positivist perspectives and the disciplinary debates. Therefore, this workshop seeks to:

  • discuss approaches and new concepts increasingly used to explore the global andEuropean political economy;
  • onsider the promise of constructivist, cultural and post-positivist approaches to economic thought;
  • bring together, compare and understand analyses from different disciplinary backgrounds (heterodox economics, global political economy or economic sociology).

The set of themes is open. Possible contributions could address:

  • changing boundaries of economics, IPE or comparative political economy;
  • reconstruct theoretical debates and the changing disciplinary boundaries;
  • analyse and discuss post-positivist approaches to political economic thought;
  • reconstruct the current crisis from a specific post-positivist approach;
  • or do all of this in one paper.



Please send your abstract of 400 words max and your contact details till September 15th 2012 to oliver.kessler@uni-erfurt.de. Travel and accommodation costs will be reimbursed. It is intended to pursue a joint publication tentatively called “The economic crisis and the promises of post-positivist economic thought”.

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