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Women Writers' Forum (Civil Society Partnership Module)

On 25th and 26th of October 2013, Pakistan Women Writers Forum (PWWF) organized the second consecutive tranche of short story writing workshop. It was hosted at the Journalism department of the University of Peshawar, which had signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Erfurt under this project in 2012.

As a part the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) funded project at the Chair of Muslim Culture & Religious History, this project espouses to study the changing trend of communication and religious (or: social and cultural) studies in Pakistan. This activity in particular belongs to the civil society engagement module of this project, which seeks to network with Non Governmental Organizations at the grassroots’ level.

PWWF is one such organization that engages and involves female writes in Pakistan to create a network of mentoring and support, specifically given the diminishing content in native regional languages.

Workshop Description

The workshop invited y0ung and aspiring female writers conversant in four Pakistani languages, namely Pushto, Hindko, Urdu and English. A total of thirty-five students were shortlisted and the PWWF organised four language trainers. Most of the students belonged to the Peshawar and surrounding area and some were enrolled in different departments of the University of Peshawar or members of the youth chapter of the PWWF. Being the largest university of the province, the help from different deans in terms of organization of the workshop was instrumental, more so given the political climes and hesitance of parents to allow young women to travel alone.

Workshop Objectives

The major objective of the workshop was to find out as to how young female writers are dealing and incorporating the new realm of social media in their work. Use of social media to source ideas or as a means to publish one’s work to reach a wider audience was discussed to enhance the participant’s understanding of the collaborative nature of social media. It also traced the change in patterns of incorporating social media within their stories and any discursive change that it accompanies.

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