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Announcement Herzog-Ernst-Scholarship
Ernest I, Duke of Saxe-Gotha (1601–1675)
Working with the manuscripts

We are very pleased to announce that, thanks to the generous support our institution receives from the Fritz Thyssen Foundation, we are now able to once again offer scholarships to docs and postdocs for 2019. This is our 16th anniversary of offering scholarships to those working with the collections of the Gotha Research Library. The Foundation has been financing the programme since 2004, thus supporting almost 300 projects.

Research scholarships for Ph.D. students are awarded for periods of up to nine months (€ 1,100 per month) and postdoctoral scholarships for up to six months (€ 1,600 per month). Moreover, applications of the following format are explicitly welcome: exploration stipends for PhD candidates working on their dissertation as well as 'text and object' scholarships for PhD candidates and postdocs specializing on the relation between text and object. We also explicitly encourage applications for projects related to one of the Centre’s main research topics (profile-scholarships). We recommend you to contact the institution holding the relevant collection in advance.

Senior scholars are invited to apply for a Hiob-Ludolf-Fellowship (a monthly grant of up to € 1,200 for one or two months to help cover travel and living expenses). For further information on how to apply please note the PDF 'Hiob-Ludolf-Fellowship' in the lower right corner.

The Research Centre is particularly pleased to receive applications by female scholars. We are happy to assist in finding appropriate child care for scholars arriving with children.

The application deadline has expired.

Applicants are requested to include the following documents to their application:

1.    Application Form
2.    Curriculum Vitae
3.    A brief outline of the project (2-5 pages)
4.    Two letters of recommendation
5.    Copies of relevant certificates
6.    A publications list, where applicable

Applications should be submitted electronically to the following e-mail-address:

Further information on the scholarship and application can be downloaded from the box on the right.

If you have any questions, please contact:



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