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In the ZIP-folder you find the certificate to write an encrypted message to . After importing the certificate into your mail application you can write an encrypted mail to


This special scholarships are directed to support the graduate students who are interested in applying for a doctoral programme and are in the preparatory phase of drafting a Phd proposal. The timeframe for the predoc scholarship is between 3 and 6 months. Every year up to 10 Predoc scholarships are awarded. Application of this scholarships should be directed to the respective faculty. Each faculty has its own application procedure and selection committee. For current calls for application see here.

Doctoral Scholarships

The University of Erfurt awards 12 scholarships to doctoral candidates as part of the EPPP structured doctoral programmes. The doctoral scholarships are awarded to promote outstanding PhD projects within the EPPP-certified programme. Moreover 4 scholarships are awarded in the area education and school.

The advertised doctoral scholarships include a stipend of EUR 1.400 per month. Scholarships are awarded for three years and can be extended for another year upon successful evaluation.

Deadline: All applications must be submitted by 30 September 2019, 23:59h.

New calls for application will be announced here from 01 August 2019.

Please note that scholarships for individual doctoral studies are not announced this year.

Bridging Stipends

Doctoral candidates who are currently being funded with a scholarship by the University of Erfurt but have to suspend their studies due to familial responsibilities (e. g. parenting and/or care for family members) or due to chronic/severe disabilities/illness, may apply for a bridging scholarship for a maximum duration of 6 months. In this case the monthly funding amounts to EUR 1,350 (and may be supplemented by family allowance). 

Applications can be submitted at any time of the year at

For further information on the documents to be submitted and application procedure, please refer to our invitation to tender (German).

Plese note that the conditions of the stipend will change. The changes will be announced soon.

Completion Stipends

The Staff Unit ProUni – Research and Graduate Services awards a specific scholarship called ‘completion stipend’ only to those doctoral candidates who have submitted their thesis at the University of Erfurt and waiting for the defense. The stipend is granted for maximum 3 months and amounts to EUR 1000 per month.

Applications are possible at any time. The application documents should be sent to

For further information on the documents to be submitted and application procedure, please refer to our invitation to tender.

Initialization Stipends

This grant is specifically intended to support the process of application to the third-party funded projects and related phase of writing proposals in this regard. Stipends are granted to early stage researchers (doc and postdoc) who either are submitting their own proposal or being involved in such a submission. This funding opportunity targets in principle at post-doctoral researchers, but, if appropriate, it can also be granted to the doctoral candidates.
Initialization stipends can be granted for a maximum period of 12 months (6+6). In addition to financial support, this grant also offers free consultation services for preparation of the project proposals.

Deadline for applications: 30th September 2019.

The announcement will be available as soon as possible.

Network of early stage researchers

All early stage researchers (doctoral and postdoctoral) who want to initiate their own network initiatives are eligible to apply for this funding. To fulfill the eligibility criteria one of the applicants should have a staff position at the university.


The funding is designed to offer the junior researchers the opportunity to implement already planned networking meetings (workshops / small working group meetings etc.) or to set up network initiatives. These initiatives can be of different level – from intra- university network to establishing regional, national or international networks. The funding opportunity aims to stimulate early stage researchers to establish their own networks in medium and long term and, on this basis, to seek third-party funding for a junior research network (such as the DFG).


Networks or network initiatives upon request gets supported with a maximum budget of 800 Euros p.a. The funds are available to cover the costs of workshops or meetings, travel expenses and possibly to meet the fees for guest speaker/s. Catering costs cannot be financed. Up to 6 networks or network initiatives can be supported each year. The application can be made on an ongoing basis.


Applications can be submitted at any time.

Decision on Applications

The successful application will be selected through voting system by the members of the Committee of Research and Graduate Service.

Co-Financing for Academic Events

This funding opportunity is aimed at all junior researchers (doctoral and postdoctoral) wish to organize large academic events or conferences. To qualify for the application one of the applicants should have a staff position at the university.


This funding-opportunity is intended to support especially early stage researchers in hosting academic events (congresses, conferences, workshops), in order to facilitate networking and to discuss with colleagues about a specific research-topic.


Funding may be used to finance expenses for auxiliary staff, venues and equipment, expenses for external advisors (travel-costs and, where appropriate, fees), printing for press and publicity, copying and postage. Please note: It is not possible to finance expenses for accommodation. The funding is designed to cover only partial expenses of the event. A gross overall sum of EUR 1000 is currently available for this purpose. For sums exceeding this amount, an add-on partial funding of the overall costs is possible. However, such add-on partial funding is limited to 30% of the total costs. This funding does not cover or substitute other financial support proposal that has already been cancelled or denied.


Proposals may be submitted at any time.

Decision on Application

The successful application will be selected through voting system by the members of the Committee of Research and Graduate Service.



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