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Welcome to our website. The members of the Center for Empirical Research in Economics and Behavioral Sciences (CEREB) combine scientific theory and empirical methods in their work in order to answer important social questions. The researchers take advantage of synergies of interdisciplinarity and cooperate with international research facilities. They work in the fields of behavioral economics, econometrics, psychology, individual and group decision making, educational research, and economics of education.



The 82nd Annual Convention of the Japanese Psychological Association

Anna Lang was invited to an international conference ( of the Japanese Psychological Association (, which took place from 24.-26.09. in Sendai, Japan. The Japanese Psychological Association offered through their „Emerging Psychologist“ program young, foreign researchers the opportunity to present their research in Japan. In addition, a pre-conference workshop with young Japanese psychologists was arranged that provided opportunities for social networking and fostering cooperation with Japanese universities.

APRIL 2018

Summer Term 2018

The new semester has started with the first colloquium on Thursday, April 19. Happily, our research group has increased by six new doctoral students. A warm welcome to the new comers Leonie Aßmann, Gbadebo Collins Adeyanju, Tashauna Brown, Melanie Keiner, Rico Kremer und Lisa Steinmeyer.


Winter School on Bounded Rationality | India

Lars Korn und Cindy Holtmann participated in theTAPMI-MAX PLANCK-SOTON WINTER SCHOOL ON BOUNDED RATIONALITY in Manipal (Karnataka), India from January 8 to 14, 2018. The Winter School gave insights into theory and methodology of the Bounded Rationality approach, but also gave numerous examples of application in various areas such as health care, economics, finance and everyday situations. A dialogue arose between different approaches to rationality and explanation of human decision making.


WHO Workshop, Copenhagen

Our doctoral student Philipp Schmid participated from Dec 05 to 07, 2017 at the "Sub-regional training workshop on responding to vaccine deniers in public" of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Copenhagen. The aim of the training workshop was to support the evidence-based perspective of those who support national vaccination programs in the public discussion on whether to vaccinate or not.

For an interview with Philipp Schmid and a report in the bulletin of the World Health Organization see


Defense of Anika Wille

We are happy to announce that on Nov. 15, 2017 our former doctoral student Anika Wille defended her doctoral thesis successfully. Anika Wille made with her dissertation on the topic "Integration of multisensory information in multi-attribute decisions" an important contribution to improve our understanding on how the presentation of visual and auditive information influences the decision-making of people. Anika Wille was supervised by Prof. Tilmann Betsch who is a principal investigator at the CEREB and the haid of the chair of social, organizational, and business psychology at the University of Erfurt. The work of Anika Wille was promoted by a stipend granted for outstanding individual research projects by the "Landesgraduiertenförderung Thüringen". We wish Anika all the best for her future and thank her for the involved participation in our graduate program and the good times at the CEREB.

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