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20th Anniversary of the Max-Weber-Kolleg

Max-Weber-Kolleg is celebrating its 20th anniversary. On June 28 and 29, several workshops representing the research profile of the Max-Weber-Kolleg will be offered (Flyer). You are also invited to the Anniversary reception at Augustinerkloster (Programme) as well as to the annual summer party.

We are looking forward to seeing you. Please register for the workshops.

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Brochure "Nachrichten des Max-Weber-Kollegs" (Winter 2017/18)

Events in Summersemster 2018
   18-20 June 2018, Workshop „Area knowledges and disciplinary/interdisciplinary knowledges“ in
   Kooperation mit dem Orient-Institut-Beirut
   20-22 June 2018, Prof. Dr. Gunnar Folke Schuppert, Workshop "Eine globale Ideengeschichte in
   der Sprache des Rechts"
   21-22 June 2018, Dr. des. Friedrich Cain, Prof. Dr. Bernhard Kleeberg, Workshop „Political
   Epistemologies of the Soviet Union: 1917-1945-1967” at IGITI
Higher School of Economics, Moscow

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